Honeysuckle Cottage ~ Mod

Honeysuckle Cottage ~ Mod is an English Country Dance. It was devised by Gary Roodman in 2003 and published in https://calculatedfigures.com/HoneysuckleCottage.htm. It is an improper duple minor longways dance. The dance lasts 32 bars.

The tune, also called Honeysuckle Cottage, was composed by Jonathan Jensen and performed by Jessica Murrow, Karen Axelrod, Mary Lea, and Naomi Morse on the album Band of Friends.

The animation plays at 123 counts per minute normally, but the first time through the set the dance is slowed down so people can learn the moves more readily (no music plays during this slow set). Men are drawn as rectangles, women as ellipses. Each couple is drawn in its own color, however the border of each dancer indicates what role they currently play so the border color may change each time through the minor set.

An online description of the dance may be found here.

The dance contains the following figures: hand turn (allemande), turn single, hands across, hey, circular hey, box the gnat (and probably others).

If you find what you believe to be a mistake in this animation, please leave a comment on youtube explaining what you believe to be wrong. If I agree with you I shall do my best to fix it.

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